Feeding over 4000 children in more than 30 schools locations.


What We Do

Providing Water, Food, Medicine 

Connection Outreach was founded for the purpose of addressing many of the problems that challenge our society on a global scale.

Through the efforts of the H.O.P.E. Charity Network we have identified many existing organizations who are meeting the humanitarian challenges in their communities. We partner with these organizations by providing direct support as well as bringing numerous kinds of resources to such as food, technologies, equipment, education, training to help these organizations be more productive in their efforts to meet the needs of their communities,.

Company Philosophy

Disaster relief for Hurricane Victims.


Connection Outreach Ministry


Founded: 2007

Founder: Jeff Lee

Ordained Minister


Areas of expertise: Agriculture, Land Development and Construction, Security, Manufacturing, Education, Environmental Waste Management, Commercial Fishing, Software Development.

Connection Outreach


Building Villages


New Schools

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity available to them. Help us change that.


We have a simple mission: The H.O.P.E Charity Network

To show the love of God by providing  H.O.P.E.Health, Opportunity, Provision, and Education to more people in the world than ever before.

By working with our network of charity partners we will multiply the effects of our co operative efforts to bring about H.O.P.E. 

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The Protect and Defend Our Children

Was developed in response to the ever increasing amount of violence our children are facing in our public and private schools as well as other public ares as well. We have partnered with some of the leading developers in security to offer assistance to providing safe and secure places for our children to learn, and recreate. We can now offer both public and private entities advanced solutions to state of the art security measures to provide safe environments for our children.

While working by yourself you can accomplish something but by working together you can accomplish much much more.

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